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sew in

Sew in Hair extensions are the most natural looking and longest lasting type of hair extensions. The hair is fused together to give your hair a natural fuller look. It gives you the ability to have long hair without all the maintenance that goes along with it.

The First Step

Once you have decided sew in weave is the choice for you one of our professional stylist will take you through a process

Sew in Advantages

Typically sew ins extensions will last 3 to 6 months and can be managed the same as your natural hair. The sew in hair extensions are made to blend in with your hair perfectly coming in various textures and colors.

When done right sewin hair extensions are completely undetectable. Your hair will appear very natural to the naked eye.

The Best Sew in Hair Extensions in Cleveland Ohio

Sew in weave is the best option for hair extensions. You have options of a partial sew in or full sew in. A full sew in weave will hide your natural hair under the weave. A full sew in will allow you to have a choice of silky straight hair without matching your texture.

A partial sew in consists of braids of extensions horizontally from ear to ear then the weave is is sewed on the braid combining your hair with the weave.

Sewin weaves continue to be the most popular method of hair extensions Cleveland Ohio clients love

Sewin Benefits
  1. If your hair is thinning or short extensions can give length to your hair
  2. 2-3 Months longevity
  3. Full sewins allow different textures and colors
  4. Your natural hair will remain healthy if cared for properly once the weave is removed
  5. With a full sewin your hair is protected from heat, brushing and curling


——–BEWARE——“Disadvantages of low priced sewins and hair extensions in Cleveland”

The old saying “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true when it comes to hair extensions. If you care about your hair then you must only use experienced stylist for your hair extensions.

Hair extensions are expensive and you can have beautiful hair if they are done correctly. If you want your extensions to be natural and undetectabel you must choose a professional stylist who knows what they are doing. Cheap sewins and hair extensions are an absolute no no.

Hair Extensions Cleveland Ohio – Top 3 Problems with Inexperienced Stylists
  1. Braiding is done too tightly – This is the cause of most of the damage from sewins. If your scalp is in pain your braids are simply too tight. This will cause thinning of your hair which you do not want. Your natural hair should be growing and thickening when wearing a weave if not it has been done improperly. The braids should be just right not to out strain on the scalp.
  2. Closures are done wrong- Closures done wrong will not allow your scalp to breathe. You need to be able to get to your scalp and if you cannot it will cause major problems. With proper hair extensions you should be able to shampoo your scalp properly.
  3. Hair left Out Under Duress – Leave those edges alone too much heat can give you major breakage.

“Invest in your hair the correct way to prevent long term damage.”