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Keratin Treatment
At The Hair Extensions we know that most would love to have soft smooth hair that you can run your fingers through. The Hair Extension's Straightneing Systems is formaldehyde-free
Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary patented treatment that smoothes, strengthens, softens and most importantly gives you frizz free manageable hair that lasts up to 6 -12weeks each client vary. Keratin Treatment is a gentle formula that is safe and nourishes high-lighted, color treated, and chemically relaxed hair. Liquid Keratin Treatment is a progressive treatment that provides instant results as well as long-term benefits.
Those who have had keratin hair treatments call them a "miracle" and applaud them for making blow drying and straightening hair much easier for months at a time. .
Keratin Treatment Benefits :
  • Choice to wear hair curly or straight
  • Hair is faster and easier to style
  • Wash and wear hair curly or wavy without frizz
  • Long lasting but not permanent
  • Safe easy to apply formula with no gloves needed
  • Instant and cumulative benefits
  • Hair is healthier, shinier and softer
  • Thermal heat protection in the treatment to protect hair
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